MoD: Your Marketing Matchmaker

We are Marketers on Demand: a staffing agency dedicated to assisting you in the recruitment of creative and marketing professionals. Since 2008, we have strived to provide a specific and unsaturated pool of creative and marketing recruits, creating connections between in-demand professionals and Fortune 500 companies.

What We Do:
We operate on contract, contract to perm, and permanent conditions – whether you are looking for a casual hire, or a long-term employee, our marketing and creative professionals are always on top of trends and in high demand spanning a wide skill-set.

● Contract: Businesses are ever morphing and growing, as are their specific needs at any given time. Professional and knowledgeable contract recruits are available to assist you at any point in your business to fill in any gaps necessary.
● Contract to Permanent: Hiring on a contract to permanent basis allows our clients to work alongside a recruit and determine if they are a positive, suitable, and sustainable fit in their organization.
● Permanent: Because we are a staffing agency based solely on creative and marketing professionals, hiring on a permanent basis is your best option in landing an amazing fit in your search for new faces and skill-sets within your business.

You seek out matchmakers for added confidence when looking for love, why wouldn’t you do the same for your growing creative business? We’re known as Marketing Matchmakers for a variety of reasons, including the following:

● Our range of services ensures that businesses are hiring the creative and marketing professionals that fit best in their organization.
● Because we are dedicated to recruiting only professionals of the highest performance standards, clients can rest assured that they are selecting from a talented pool of individuals.
● We recognize that businesses are always evolving, as are their everyday functions. Having options in how you go about your hiring process is vital to ensuring you are creating positive and meaningful connections within your workplace.

Our Referral Program
The ability to build relationships is a powerful tool in the staffing field, and we believe in nurturing these relationships and continuously participating in the community. We have been busy expanding our professional network through various industry events such as the MoD Bookclub, the American Marketing Association, the Canadian Marketing Association, and more.

If you know of a talented professional looking to expand their workload, or know of a business struggling to find a marketing or creative professional who can fill a gap in their organization, visit us at to create amazing connections with compensation.

Marketers on Demand recognizes the importance of positive networking in the marketing and creative fields. Talented individuals know powerful clients and vice versa.