Marcie Pollack

marcie pollack

As president of chaos at Marketers on Demand Inc., Marcie Pollack has built a career based on getting to the heart of the matter. Established in 2008, her boutique staffing agency specializes in marketing and innovation—ultimately placing clients in their dream jobs nationwide. “It’s similar to being a matchmaker in that people pour their hearts out and tell you their life story, which is always interesting, and it’s amazing how we build that trust,” she states. “Ultimately, it’s about finding the right person for each unique situation.” With a strong track record and high retention rates, the agency has garnered a reputation for their ability to effectively place top talent at leading organizations across North America. Marketers on Demand has also been named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies on Report on Business. “For us, it’s really about seeing the whole person and what their life is about,” Marcie explains. “Especially over the last couple of years with COVID, there’s a balance that everyone wants, and so we take the time to figure out how someone’s career is going to fit into that, and not the other way around.”

Operating with honesty, transparency, and compassion at the forefront, Marcie and her team of expert recruiters—many of whom have been with her for years—act as an extension of the companies they serve. “The most rewarding thing is when you’ve placed someone at a company and they come back a decade or so later looking to build out their own team,” she states. “It really comes back around full circle.” After getting her start in advertising at J. Walter Thompson, Marcie is someone who not only understands marketing, but lives and breathes it. With her deep-rooted knowledge of the space, she’s an ace at getting to the very core of what clients and talent are looking for. “Being in a position to help others and lead them to the right opportunity is incredibly gratifying,” she shares. In addition to helming a thriving organization, Marcie is a busy wife and mother of four who still makes time for philanthropic endeavors through her work with Make a Wish Foundation. Proceeds of the company’s revenue go toward granting wishes. Her motto: “Be kind.”

Marcie Pollack

President of Chaos — Marketers on Demand Inc.




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