What Do Prospective Employers Mean by ‘Fit’?

Our idea of what an office space looks like varies depending on your line of work, where you work, and who you work for. Increasingly, employers are creating spaces and environments which work for their employees, not the other way around as has been the case for so long. Employers are beginning to realize the importance of unity – of hiring employees who work well together. Employees who fit in with the culture that a company strives to stand behind.

What is “Fit”?
While on the market for prospective employees, modern employers are seeking candidates who will fit in best with the company that they’ve worked hard to create and build up. Someone who best represents the ideals of your company, while maintaining the ability to work well and build positive relationships with coworkers.

Being the right fit for a job can mean that perhaps as an extrovert, you’d work well in an open office setting. Or that an employer can provide you with remote working opportunities, as long as you have fantastic correspondence skills both on and offline.

Why Personality Matters in the Workplace
Who you are, and how you come across to prospective employers, says a lot about what sort of job you’ll be able to land. Most employers are looking for individuals who bring certain qualities to their organization. Although you cannot fit any person into one specific category of existence, or a set range of personality traits, you can gauge how that person may perform in a specific workplace culture. Based on who an employee says they are and what they believe makes a good work environment, an employer can determine how well they will mesh in with the existing environment of the organization.

How to Find a Workplace That Fits You.
Take the time to find out if a prospective position requires introverted or extroverted tendencies when finding a work environment that best suits you. Do you work best within a group, or would you rather have your own space to develop ideas and work through them? Do tight time constraints stress you out, or do you thrive under pressure?

Having a clear idea of who you are – and how you do your best work – while searching for a new place of employment helps both yourself and employers who are looking for a fresh face to join their workforce. By knowing where you best fit within an organization, or the type of workplace culture you seek, you can focus your efforts to find a job that welcomes you with open arms.