Visualize Your Success

“You’re hired.” The two little words that can change our lives forever.
Before the job interview, visualize the hiring manager making the decision to hire you and the call you’re going to get from us confirming that you got your dream position. The calls you’re going to be making to your loved ones telling them the incredible news. You achieved it. “Every Battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought” – Sun Tzu.

When you walk into that interview as a champion, in your immaculately pressed power suit, shoulders back and standing tall; nothing can stop you. Smile with the hiring manager and shake hands firmly always maintaining constant eye contact. Throughout the interview you are relaxed and in control.

Show the hiring manager that exuberant confidence as they are making the right decision for their organization by hiring you. Now close your eyes and listen closely to those two little words. Can you hear them?! “You’re hired.”

Own your dream job and continue pursuing your success!

Career advice from:
Samuel Cole-Elkind
Manager of First Impressions & Recruiting
Marketers on Demand Inc.