Pick Up The Phone

When we have children we tend to focus on the now, at least I hope we do ? My 6 year-old daughter inspires me to put down my phone, my computer and to be in the now!

So why doesn’t this apply to work? When we conduct meetings at MoD everyone still brings their phone with them, checks their phone several times and is totally distracted. Now we are implementing to leave your phone on your desk and come to all meetings fully engaged. What a novel idea! Which brings me to another “phone” topic…when your livelihood is in the recruitment industry, that means the people business than the opposite applies – pick up your phone! Don’t hide behind your computer, put a voice to the name and call the clients, call the talent, and don’t lose that personal touch! I greatly appreciate it when my phone rings and someone makes the effort to call me.

So why not call the best recruiters in the business for an old school conversation!

Career advice from:
Marcie Pollack
President of Chaos
Marketers on Demand Inc.