How to Find a Job During COVID-19

At the moment, searching for jobs amidst a global pandemic is harder than it has ever been. Amongst the panic and massive closures, layoffs have plagued millions across the world. Over 20 million Americans have lost their jobs since the closure began in March, and the impact is being felt everywhere. For some, it is a matter of riding out the storm, but for others, now is a time to look for new opportunities to grow.

Stay Busy

As simple as this may sound, maintaining some sense of normalcy is key to a productive work from home environment. Showing employers that you are proactive in your career will make you a much more ideal candidate. Being out of work for an extended period, a routine will make the transition into a new job that much easier. It can be extremely hard living and working in the same location, which is why finding hobbies is a healthy outlet and can be used to refine career skills.

Networking over Resumes

The most common mistake that job hunters make when looking for work is undervaluing their network. Just about every individual searching for their next career move is putting in applications and sending out emails to prospective companies. Throughout years of work, you have likely gained a few professional contacts. Leveraging these connections not simply to ask for a job, but rather opting to increase the quality of the relationship is ideal. Now is the perfect time to expand your network and build new relationships that may benefit you in the future. It is best to think short term during this pandemic and plan for future career moves. Connecting with a representative from a potential job opportunity can be done on social media and requires little to no effort.

Use Your Resources

Most job board websites offer some resources on how to find a job during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most individuals searching for a job use these websites but fail to take advantage of the resources they offer. Indeed and LinkedIn offer everything from tips on how to interview through video platforms to what major companies are currently hiring in your industry. Indeed even hosts webinars to help you refine your job search skills and help you prepare for your next big interview.

Get Creative

It is up to you to prove to job recruiters that you are down, but not out. In these trying times, showcasing that you can apply your skills to hobbies or other side projects can prove to be beneficial. Social media has rapidly become the go-to platform for individuals looking to express themselves and the talents they have. Even if the technology isn’t your thing, updating your social media channels to showcase what you are working on during this period is crucial to staying relevant. Companies want to see initiative from potential hires, even when the world is going through a crisis.

No matter the circumstances, those who persevere through tough times will always find a way and come out stronger than before. The COVID-19 pandemic may have set many back in life, but through it, all people around the world are developing new skills and refining those they already possess.