4 Tips for Interviewing from Home on Zoom

The world is constantly changing, but the recent COVID-19 epidemic has pushed technology into the forefront of hiring. Platforms like Skype used to dominate the video conference market, but today it is Zoom. Zoom has rapidly become the chosen platform for teaching, business meetings, and interviews of those looking to hire.

Perfect the Tech

This concept is foreign to many who are used to the standard in-person interviews. The number one mistake that interviewees make is to take a virtual or video interview less seriously than the in-person alternative. The fact is that conveying empathy skills and positive body language is much more difficult to do over video streaming services. Uncertainty is normal when dealing with unfamiliar technologies, but allowing that to impede on the confidence you portray in your interview is not ideal. Before you hop right into your interview, ensure that your camera and audio are working correctly. Often interviews are scheduled back to back, and not being prepared could hurt your chances significantly.

Preparation is Everything

Being underprepared for an interview is never a good look and video conferencing opens up room for chaos. A lot can go wrong when you are interviewing from home. Whether it’s needy children or noisy roommates, ensure that the space is free of distraction and background noise. As per standard interview etiquette, be prepared to answer some of the basic interview questions and write down a few questions of your own. Interviewers love seeing that potential hires are prepared and interested in the prospective position. Video conference interviews place emphasis on your body language, whereas phone interviews normally focus on the tone of your voice and overall confidence.

Dress to Impress: Head to Toe

No one would judge you for wanting to leave on the sweatpants and throwing on a nice shirt and tie before a video interview. Most of the time cameras are positioned only towards the top third of your body and the internet is all too familiar with those that forget they are still on the camera and stand up. Dressing in interview-appropriate clothing from button down to slacks will give you an advantage in more ways than one.

In a Zoom meeting, position yourself farther from the camera placing your top half within the view of the interviewer. Yes, they will notice that you are indeed fully clothed and pajama free, but it will also assist in conveying positive body language across the digital medium.

Body Language

Video conference calls should always be treated like an in-person interview. Unlike a phone call, interviewers can see you, and make their own assessments based on your body language. Positioning a camera to show your entire upper half will make it significantly easier for the interviewer to read your body language. Be warned though, nervous ticks and distracting behavior will take the attention away from your answers. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and focus on accentuating your point using hand gestures.

We wish you the best of luck during your interviews and if you have any personal tips let us know on Twitter or Facebook.