You’re Not My Typo

In the age of social media, where #hashtags and texting are the primary form of personal interaction, it is still important to remember that communication in business is done almost entirely through email.

Emails are a very important tool for business transactions and are often the receivers first impression of you. Don’t waste it, by falling into these common mistakes.

  1. Leaving your Subject Line Empty, is like writing a book and forgetting to give it a title. I can’t speak for everyone, but personally I often decide the importance of an afterhours work email based on its subject line alone.
  2. CC (carbon copy) is not the same as BCC (blind carbon copy), if you want the audience of your mass email to feel special, don’t forget to ensure all parties are in the BCC column.
  3. Perception. Read, re-read, and if warranted read aloud your email prior to sending. It is your responsibility as the sender to interpret possible ways your written words can be perceived.
  4. Thx. Ttyl. NP. Fyi. Abbreviations are the enemy when constructing a professional email. It can often be perceived as disrespectful, and to be frank looks like you were too busy or lazy to take your time with the email content.
  5. Coloured Text. Not only can it be difficult to read emails in colour text, but how seriously do you think your reader will take you as a professional in your industry.

Career advice from:
Krystle Brassard
Manager of First Impressions & Recruiting
Marketers on Demand Inc.