MoD Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

Ask us how old we are and we get to hold up two whole hands! That’s right, Marketers on Demand (MoD) is thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary.

The company started with a single vision from MoD President, Macie Pollack. The goal was to create a boutique agency that specialized in marketing and creative placements as opposed to other firms which were more generalist by nature. The idea may sound simple, but you have to remember that this happened at the peak of the 2008 recession.

But since necessity is the mother of invention, Pollack adapted to the economic environment, focussing on contract positions which were ideally suited toward smaller hiring budgets and changing client needs. MoD was able not only to have a successful launch in the middle of a recession, but it actually thrived.

Recently, we have experienced particularly rapid growth. In fact, in the last three years alone the business has grown by more than 290%. With a core focus on service, integrity and commitment, MoD has been able to achieve a 99% client retention rate. “We are honest and advise our clients on what is realistic in the market,” say Pollack.

And it’s not just customers that MoD has a great track record of retention with either.  The MoD team is also extremely loyal and turnover is low – something quite unheard of in the recruitment industry.

In 2016, Pollack launched Executive Talent on Demand which focuses on the executive recruitment market for finance, IT and sales positions. MoD has successfully expanded operations in its Toronto and Miami offices while also opening operations in Western Canada and Chicago in 2020.

“Reaching ten years in business is a milestone to be proud of,” says Pollack, “but we are not about to sit back and rest on our achievements. We look forward to serving our clients with even greater energy and passion in the years to come.”